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2023 Events and Outreach

Our mission is to reach into people's darkest hour and shine a light. Show them love and stand by them when they thought no one cared.


“Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.”

John 13:35 

Freebird is a not for profit group of loving individuals whose mission is to find those individuals who need help and have no where to turn. We also seek to better our community through taking part in city held events  non-profit events and other clubs/organization's.As we believe everyone can do a little but when you get those that can do a little together it turns into a lot. Every year we run a sponsor program to help with the cost of putting on events and continuing the help for the folks we help. We don’t only put these events on we take them in as family with continued support.

New Sponsor's Information 

If you choose to be a Freebird sponsor we promise to use your donation in full by the end of the year and have $0.00 left in our bank account. December of each year we take part in a tree program to buy presents for children/ bless a local family to ensure we have used all donated and sponsor money. 

A sponsorship includes 

$50.00 to have your name/businesses/or organization on the back of our supporter shirts that are sold at every event we put on or attend 

$100.00 to have your name/businesses/or organization name on both the supporter shirt and banners. Banners are displayed at every event we put on and every meeting 12 meetings a year. All Sponsors also listed here on our Website. As a Sponsor you will not only be helping us to help others you become part of our family as well.

I think its important to note not one Freebird member gets paid for anything we are all volunteers.


As you will see your sponsorship can go a long way. With $5470.00 in sponsorship income last year we was able to give  out $23,093.97 to help those in our community. Thank you for your time as we know it is very valuable. And thank you for considering helping us spread love in our community.

In 2023 these are the events we either held on our on or took part in. 


  • January  15th We blessed a family in Gallatin with rent relief. 

  • January  21st We partnered with the Three Twenty One Tribe to assemble blessing bags for the Vanderbilt children's hospital (Nashville) 

  • March 18th We attend and donated to Back Road Riders event for medical relief

  • May 2nd We attend Three Twenty One Tribes annual motorcycle ride to benefit Down Syndrome awareness Walling Tn.

  • May 6th We attended the Strawberry Slam as a sponsor agreement.

  • May 13th We set up two locations Portland High School and Generation church to hand out water at shuttle locations for the Strawberry festival. We helped the community at those shuttle locations. 

  • May 20th We attended and donated Justified R.C yearly annul fundraiser as a sponsor agreement.

  • May 27th We hosted our biggest event The Freebird Memorial Ride to benefit Kathy Troughber of Gallatin.

  • May 28th We hosted the Freebird Music Festival Richland Park Portland. A free festival for anyone to attend. 

  • June 3rd We attended and donated to the Three Twenty One Tribes annual fundraiser.

  • June 9th We hosted the years first Freebird yard sale. These sales are geared to help not only us raise funds for the outreach efforts but also help those who don’t have very much money be able to buy things they need at a price they can afford.

  • June 17th We attended and donated to Twenty One Tribe annual Pennies For Pennie event to benefit Down Syndrome. 

  • June,24th We co-hosted a dinner night in Spencer Tn. with  the Three Twenty One Tribe to raise money for blessing bags for the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. 

  • August 11th & 12th We attended and donated to Silent Order biker rodeo to benefit St Judes Children's Hospital.

  • August 20th We gathered with the Three Twenty One tribe to assemble blessing bags for Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. 

  • Aug 23rd Delivered blessing bags to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital

  • August 26th We partnered with Hands Of Hope and co-hosted a food drive in Portland.

  • August 27th We partnered with Honor Release & Return to do maintenance on a WW2 veterans home in Gallatin Tn. (Gardening, Sanding and painting windows. A/C unit ) Free of Charge.

  • September 1st & 2nd. We hosted our second yard sale of the season. This yard sale was to benefit Hands Of Hope all cash donation. And a local family dealing with cancer related cost.

  • September 22nd We partnered with Living Waters Church(New Deal Tn) to put on a dinner night for a Portland lady dealing with cancer. 

  • October 7 & 8th We attended  and donated to Justified R.C annual Izzy event. this benefits Smith County students with scholarships money. Carthage Tn

  • October 27 & 28th We hosted our 3rd yard sale of the year. This sale was to help raise funds for our annual cook out at Hands Of Hopes annual Trunk or Treat. Thanksgiving dinner for the Executive Inn Portland TN. And bolster our Christmas funds. 

  • October 31st We attended Hands Of Hopes annual Trunk or Treat where we served 585 free meals to Portland residents. 

  • November 25th We hosted a Thanksgiving dinner at the Executive Inn Portland TN.

  • December 16th We hosted a Christmas party for Highland Rim Terrace In Portland. Free gifts and breakfast for the residents. (Assisted Living)

  • December 20th We blessed a local family with the remaining Freebird funds to buy her kids Christmas presents. 

  • Also with a sponsorship agreement with our local Quarterback club we spent 15 evenings cleaning up after football games for middle school and high school games. 

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