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Creating Meaningful Impact

Since our launch in 2013 the team at Freebird Memorial Group has worked tirelessly to support our community. We are fortunate to have partners and members from all walks of life who bring their unique expertise and resources into everything we do. This is what enables us to achieve our goals year after year.

While there is always more that can be done, there is no doubt that we are making a significant impact. We don’t measure our success through just facts and figures, but through happy faces and heartwarming feedback. See how you can become part of the difference.

Russel "Pops" Creekmore


Russell "Pops" Creekmore

This group started as a final ride for my dad James Russell Creekmore before cancer made him to weak to ride. The ride was May 17th 2012 we had 15 bikes and 6 vehicles show up and raised $150.00 that day. For me no amount of money or words would have changed the fact this would be the last time my dad rode. What ment the world to me was the people that showed up for him. As he got sicker more and more people came to sit by his bed side to share stories and show him love. Before he passed we had a conversation about another lady who was sick with cancer Mrs Lura Harper. In the conversation I had ask him do think a bike ride would be a good way to help her? His response was son if you can help people do it . So we began to plan a second ride. This ride would take place on memorial day 2013. Sadly my dad had passed away at this time so he was there to see the birth of The Freebird Memorial Ride. We named it Freebird because it was his old CB handle back when he drove trucks. And we would hold it in his honor. Memorial for two reasons one it was his memorial run and we would hold it on memorial weekend. In 2017 this ride had expanded to doing more than just a motorcycle ride. We was receiving request from people to try and help them as well. This was the year the Freebird Memorial board was set up. And we moved into holding other events dinners auctions what ever we could to help those in need. 2019 the Freebird Memorial Group was established. Our mission is to reach into people's darkest hour and shine a light. Show them love and stand by them when they thought no one cared. We are now 11years in and going strong!  Every member of Freebird is a volunteer no one gets paid to do the things we do. We end every year with $0 in the bank account as we will take what is left of donations and sponsorship money and either buy Christmas presents for a local angel tree or find a needing family to give it to. If Freebird is something you would like to get involved with or help support feel free to contact us through the wed site or message any member directly. 


 President Joseph (Hank) Creekmore

2024 RECIPIENT Harley Davidson

Shining a light into their Darkness

Our 2024 warrior

Harley Davidson- Stage 2 throat cancer as well as stage 4 emphysema and diabetes. Treatments chemo and radiation. Also Has his teeth removed for mask fitting.  Truck driver with wife on disability. Unable to work due to side effects of tumors and treatment. Harley has been voted as our main recipient this year and we plan to do our best to show him the love of Jesus. It’s not just about money. We need your help in showing the people in our community that people care. That God shows his love through his believers to others. Come out to our events and support those who are the most vulnerable in our community. We just want to shine a light into their darkness and be the hands and feet of Jesus everywhere.



Showing God’s Love to those in need 

Our 2023 warrior

Kathy Traughber 55 years old. She has one daughter, Tara that lives with her to help take care of her. Kathy has battled Rickets disease all of her life, 33 years ago she had to have a kidney transplant. She is now having to have dialysis because the kidney can't keep up by its self. Kathy was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer 18 months ago. She started chemotherapy treatments but unfortunately had to stop do to side effects causing complications. Radiation is not an option for her. She is currently working with doctors for other options. 



Jazmyn Amos

It is my honor to introduce our 2022, 10th annual Freebird Memorial Ride Recipient, Miss Jazmyn Amos. Jazmyn was born 2011 and has been courageously battling a rare type of cancer, alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma. Jazmyn has been battling this cancer since right before her 8th birthday. Sarcomas, or soft tissue cancers, make up 50% of cancers found in children however alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma is an aggressive and less common subcategory found typically in adolescents. After being in remission, Jazmyn and her family found out on September 14, 2021 that her cancer had returned. Jazmyn is 1 of 6 children in her family and enjoys designing her own anime/music videos, singing, dancing and making tiktok videos with her siblings, drawing, painting,  swimming, karate and watching YouTube. Please join us as we help surround Jazmyn and her family with our love, thoughts and prayers!!!!


Stephanie Cowles

Stephanie Cowles our 9th annual 2021 Freebird Memorial Ride recipient. Stephanie started her journey through fighting cancer in October 2020. With October being breast cancer awareness month, she scheduled to have an exam which lead to her doctor scheduling a mammogram, ultrasound and eventually a biopsy in November 2020. On November 18, 2020 she received a phone call with the results of the biopsy...cancer. Her doctor reassured her that it was a slow growing cancer but cancer none the less. With her doctor's guidance, Stephanie elected to have a bilateral mastectomy in December 2020 and start estrogen blockers. Shortly after being on the estrogen blockers she started having bad side effects and had to stop. Stephanie is unfortunately no stranger to hospitals and medical procedures. She was diagnosed with kidney reflux at the age of 24 after constant struggles with kidney infections and eventually ended up having to have her right kidney removed in 2020 just prior to her cancer diagnosis. Side effects from her kidney disease and cancer treatments have complicated each diagnosis and treatment for each condition. Doctors found a few suspicious spots on Stephanie's uterus that they plan to biopsy to determine if they are cancerous and if they are a part of her battle with breast cancer or now a new fight. With the possibility of a complete hysterectomy in her future, Stephanie's world has been turned upside down. We continue to pray for her and her family. 


Bryan Lynch

2020 recipient 

Mr. Bryan Lynch of Portland, TN passed away peacefully into God’s hands on Friday, December 17, 2021 surrounded by his family.

He was born to the late Dwight Lynch and Linda Ladd in Nashville, TN on November 1, 1972. Along with his parents, Bryan was preceded in death by his nephew Taylor White.

Bryan is survived by his two sons Koty Bryan Lynch and Nicholas Kanan Lynch both of Nashville, TN. His daughter Bella Sue Lynch of Portland, TN. Two sisters Janet Lynch of Portland, TN and Cristy Diane Lynch of Nashville, TN.  

Bryan was a christian and a faithful member of Mt. Pleasant General Baptist Church in Cottontown, TN where he was loved by all. He was blessed with so much love and support from his church family and friends. He was also humble and grateful for the care he received from Vanderbilt and Avalon Hospice. Bryan loved God and put Him first in all things. He was loyal to his family and a spiritual leader to those around him. He enjoyed camping and anything outdoors. His smile brought joy to everyone around and the love of Jesus shined through his eyes. Bryan will forever live in the hearts of those who knew him.

2020 Freebird Memorial Ride recipient, Bryan Lynch. Bryan grew up in Nashville and moved to Portland 8 years ago. Bryan is a single father with two sons, 21 and 20 years old and a 10 year old daughter. 

In April 2019 Bryan and his sisters lost their mother,Linda, to complications from COPD after she had just battled and beat lung cancer. This prompted Bryan to be seen by a doctor after dealing with chronic issues with his voice and throat. He had a biopsy completed in July 2019. The results came back that he had laryngeal cancer and would require surgery and radiation treatment. In September 2019 he had surgery to remove his larynx, thyroid and surrounding lymph nodes that were all infected with cancer. Following surgery, Bryan completed multiple rounds a week of radiation treatment for 7 weeks. Due to the extensive nature and debilitating side effects from treatments Bryan has not been able to work since his diagnosis in July. Bryan's employer, Hiller Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical, graciously allowed him to keep is insurance coverage even though he was no longer a full time employee until January of 2020 when his insurance benefits were terminated. 

With the cancer in his throat terminated you would think Bryan would be on his way to recovery, unfortunately he is not out of the woods yet. He has more imaging scheduled to rule out further suspicious areas. 

Everyone keep his family in your prayers. Bryan may have traveled on to be with the Lord ahead of us but his loved ones are still part of the Freebird family. 

Please join us this year in prayer as we cover Bryan’s family with our love and support. 


Kellie Mink

2019 recipient, Kellie Mink. Kellie was born and raised in Cottontown and teaches Kindergarten at Portland Gateview Elementary. She has been teaching for 16 years, 14 in Sumner County and 2 years as a missionary in South Africa. While overseas she served as the librarian on a Bible college campus. She also taught local teachers how to teach phonics as well as teaching college students English grammar and childhood development. Kellie and her husband of 21 years, Josh, have 3 children who she also homeschooled while in South Africa. She found a lump on her breast and went immediately to the doctor where a biopsy was ordered. After the biopsy they diagnosed her with stage 2B breast cancer. She had a bi-lateral mastectomy and had 12 lymph nodes removed, 3 of which had cancer. Based on the size of the two tumors they removed and the number of lymph nodes, they concluded that she has a very aggressive type of breast cancer. Due to the aggressive nature of her cancer they done two different rounds of aggressive chemotherapy. They are thankful to the Lord for each day he has given them together as a family as they walk this path He has put them on. Please continue to pray for this strong, brave fighter that will always be part of the Freebird family.


Aaron Mittelstrasser

After a long courageous battle with cancer and all its devastating side-effects, a member of our Freebird Family was released from the shackles of his earthly body as he went home to the Lord.  I know there is a homecoming celebration happening in Heaven. Please continue to be in prayer for the Mittelstrasser family.

recipient for 2018, Aaron Mittelstrasser. Aaron and wife, Anita were married in 2006. Aaron came to the marriage with two children of his own, Emily(Lucas) Jones and Joshua Mittelstrasser. When Joshua passed away in March 2009, Aaron and Anita adopted his two sons, Brayden now 11 and Joshua now 9. Shortly after welcoming his grandchildren into his home, Aaron and Anita gave birth to their own son, Norris now 8, after believing they could not conceive. Aaron enjoyed hunting, fishing, mowing and welding. He also used to love riding his Harley. In August of 2016 Aaron was diagnosed with lung cancer. He underwent two surgeries to remove the top lobe of his right lung. During surgery the doctors found it necessary to also remove a lymph node. In January 2017, after undergoing surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, doctors gave the Mittelstrassers the amazing news that his cancer had gone into remission. Unfortunately, a short two months later he was informed that his cancer was back, stage 4 metastatic lung cancer, and was also on an adrenal gland. Aaron has received over 50 rounds of chemo and radiation. 

Continue to pray for the family. They will always be part of the Freebird family. 


Cindy Davis

Our 2017 recipient Cindy Davis. She has a husband, 2 children, 2 stepchildren, and has custody of 2 of her nieces. She was diagnosed with colon cancer 2016 after having months of misdiagnosis of symptoms. She had spent many months in and out of the hospital before the doctors scheduled a colonoscopy and found a large mass in her colon that had attached itself to her bladder. The doctor removed the infected tissue and aggressively treated her with chemotherapy and radiation. They had her do a full hysterectomy and several other test and treatments as preventative care. She has developed neuropathy in her hands and feet for the treatments and has some nerve pain as well but after several years of test she is cancer free. Praise to God. She is currently serving with Freebird to help others. Come and join her in helping show God’s love to others. 

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